About Me

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Hello, my name is Byran and I like to call myself a creative. I specialise mainly in the digital side of things, mainly photography, videography and writing. My background is actually in Film and TV production. I have a BA in Scriptwriting for Film and Television aswell as an MA in producing Film and TV and have produced a variety of short films as well as worked on a major Disney+ television show with Lucasfilm.

I started ByranCito in 2014 where it started as a random blog for me to have a creative outlet. Over the years it has now evolved into a digital content creation platform and service where I now offer my digital skills. This includes, photography, videography and copywriting. I want to make digital creation accessible because some people do be charging an arm and a leg for even the most basic services.

I started ByranCito not as a business endeavour, but something for me to stay creative and to also help others do the same. Because of this, I am able to make all my services affordable but also of a high quality in a hope to bringing digital creation to as many people as possible.