Molly Mae have stuck her foot in it

Oh boy... please proceed with caution.

The social media outrage machine is still in perfect working order and the latest casualty is *check notes*... what's a Molly-Mae? Honestly I had no idea who this woman was, so for you guys that don't know she is an influencer who became popular because of Love Island and she is now the Creative Director of Pretty Little Thing all at the age of 22. Impressive right? Well apparently not according to some, she has recently made headlines due to some "controversial" comments she made on Steven Bartlett's podcast, The Diary of a CEO. You can find the full episode below:

(You can find her controversial at 11:47)

I listened to the entire podcast. It would be wrong of me to comment on something that is part of a wider discussion. Having said this though I don't think this is a case of something being taken out of context, whether it's part of this wider discussion or is a sentiment iterated on its own I think the philosophy behind it is pretty clear and simple.