Yes, I'm Sad

Updated: Jan 7

And sometimes it is perfectly okay...

I feel like now is probably the time where we should be high on life and getting into the festive spirit. The year is coming to an end and the new year holds new opportunities, new goals and new experiences. But of course our lives are now governed by the C word and when we start to think about the situation we find ourselves, and constantly on edge about another lockdown being imposed on us it's very easy to sad.

But of course there's a lot of other things in life that can get us down and our instinct in response to people being down is always to "cheer up". I think this can inherently come from a good place of wanting our friends and family to be happy but actually have you ever thought that this could also be an impulse based on selfish desires? Now, feel free to disagree with me on this, I am in no way proclaiming this as fact but just an idea that maybe deserves some thought. Our reaction of wanting people to cheer up may actually be because we do not want to deal with or engage with someone who is in a bit of a mood or having a down day. Right? It's a conversation I recently had with a close friend of mine and was then reinforced by this dinosaur meme: